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Durango Co Real Estate

Durango Colorado Real Estate

Durango Co Real Estate

This fine piece of Durango Co Real Estate is located 3.5 miles west of Durango Colorado on Hwy 160. It is in a spectacular forested canyon with unique mystic rock formations that many think is the most beautiful immediate drive adjacent to the city of Durango. There simply is no other Durango Co Real Estate comparable to this property. In fact, if you was to get an appraisal, they would not be able to find a Durango Co Real Estate to compare it to. This is a fantastic Durango Co Real Estate opportunity!

To the east of this Durango Co Real Estate are the Twin Buttes which are truly magnificent - without a doubt - A Million Dollar View! As the sun goes down to the west, a shadow is cast starting at the bottom of the mountains and as the sun continues to fall the shadow rises. The buttes rise up like massive red pillars in the sky! Beautiful and Mystic!

Durango Co Real Estate Property

The west end of this Durango Co Real Estate has a beautiful Log Home, A log lodge type commercial building and a marvelous gazebo on its west end. This part of the Durango Co Real Estate property has had intensive landscaping and has abundant water that would support any type of business or venture you would want. It has multiple patios, decks, multi-level yards with extensive details and would be outstanding for entertainment or living Colorado's good life.

The east end of this Durango Co Real Estate property has an approximate 1800 s.f. Victorian home, an approximate 2400 s.f. duplex that we rent and misc out buildings. This all sits in a park like atmosphere as we have been manicuring this property for years.

There is also a pond that is fed by natural springs on this Durango Co Real Estate which provides ample water to the entire property from a networked sprinkler system.

Durango Co Real Estate at its best

This entire Durango Co Real Estate has nearly a quarter mile of Hwy frontage and it is in a wonderful location. In the winter months, you never have any mobility problems, (due to snow,) and in the summer time you have access to unlimited business, tourist as well as local traffic.

The Hwy that fronts this Durango Co Real Estate is also known as being a bike riders paradise as it has bicycle lanes on both sides of the Hwy for many miles. The property is bordered by the BLM to the north and you can actually walk out the back door and hike for hundreds of miles without touching private land. In the winter, there is ample land to make your own cross country ski trail and/or a wonderful snowshoe park.

This Durango Co Real Estate is absolutely a one of a kind opportunity. If you want to move country but want all of the amenities
of the city, this is it! This Durango Colorado Real Estate is out of the city with no neighbours, but, it is on a main Hwy that is wonderful for almost any business that would provide a great living.

If you are considering a move to Colorado - take a good look at this Durango Co Real Estate that is available. We hope you will think of our Durango Co Real Estate property when considering Colorado Real Estate.

A marvelous Durango Co Real Estate opportunity!