Our Real Estate Property is green and beautiful

Durango Real Estate PropertyDurango Real Estate

We started off the year very dry and it was getting scary, we had a 2000 gallon cistern put in for our irrigation system and also put in a new pump to pump fresh water out from an old well – it is awesome and a great new addition to our Durango Real Estate.

Durango Colorado is finally green and beautiful as our monsoons have been coming on strong!  It looks like we are going to have a great summer season and our irrigation situation is no longer a threat. Oh well, our new addition to our irrigation system is a major asset and well add value to our Durango Real Estate.

Remodeling our Durango Real Estate

We are doing various remodeling jobs, more landscaping and working in our gardens this year and the weather is cooperating with us. We have just finished a fabulous terraced rock garden in back of our home and it is fabulous. I do not think there is a more beautifully landscaped Durango Real Estate property than ours.

We are now putting in a new addition to our spinkler in the lower section of our land, just next to Lightner Creek Rd. We are putting about 3/4 of an acre of grass which will connect to another large section we did last year. This Durango Real Estate is looking like a park and by the end of next year we will have our own golf course.

Tourism to the commercial side of this Durango Real Estate

We are  having a lot of Tourists visit Durango Silver Company which is our business located on this Durango Real Estate. It looks like Mesa Verde National Park is doing well too from the amount of traffic on the hiway.  We have been doing a brisk business this year and would highly recomend to keep this as a Jewelry Store as it provides a great income and you live about 100′ from your business – it is a great situation!

Well, we hope you like this Durango Real Estate property and check it out if you come to Durango.

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