Durango Colorado Real Estate Update

Durango Colorado Real Estate

Durango Colorado Real EstateDurango Colorado is very beautiful in the Wintertime! The nights are cold and crisp and unusually the days warm up quite nicely. The white snow on the mountains is humbling and creates a sense of solitude even if you are inside by the fire looking out!

Durango Colorado Real Estate Update

Twin Buttes Ranch, Durango Colorado Real Estate projectDurango, Colorado is not the typical suburban town in the USA. Durango Colorado Real Estate is unusually special as this is a spectacular mountainous area and most of the suburban properties are very unique and for the most part, very special as Durango Colorado Real Estate owners are outgoing people that put a lot of effort in beautifying their properties.

There are specific areas in the Durango, Co area that area more scenic than others, west of Durango has the nicest maintained Hwy with the least amout of housing tracts visible from the Hwy. Most of the living areas are backed off the Hwy substancially with makes this side of town very nice. About two mile west the Twin Buttes become visible and at 2.5 miles that become towering mountain buttes that rise up mystically into the beautiful Colorado sky. The view of the Twin Buttes is spectacular from this Durango Colorado Real Estate and they are definately one of the high points of this property.

The Twin Buttes develop is slated to be the premier Durango Colorado Real Estate project for the next 10 years. It is one of the most important Green housing communities in the United States and the Durango Colorado Real Estate within the project will be one of the finest places to live in the United States. The Durango Colorado Real Estate surrounding the Twin Buttes project is going to gain great value just from the association to this great project. This property immediatly borders the Twin Buttes to the west, in fact, a wonderful trailhead begins just across the street from this property

Check out the Twin Buttes Durango Colorado Real Estate website.

Durango Colorado Real Estate this winter

It is nearly Thanks Giving here in Durango, Colorado. We have had several nice showers at this level and the surrounding mountains are snow capped and beautiful! It looks like we are in for a spectacular winter season. We have winterized this beautiful Durango Colorado Real Estate property and are ready for the winter snow to come. We will post some new photos of this property when the snow arrives so you can see how beautiful it is in the winter of 2012.

We hope you take a look at our other blogs on this fantastic Durango Colorado Real Estate that is available for sale or trade by owner.


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