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Durango Colorado Commercial Real Estate
Financial Information.

Durango Colorado Real Estate Financial Information

Our asking price for this Durango Colorado Commercial Real Estate Property is; $1,475,000.00.

  •  We do not want to carry a note on this property so you must be capible of providing proof of your ability to purchase the property before we show it to you. Please understand, doing this will also provide us the security we need to feel comfortable showing you the property.
  • We would entertain offers of partial trade on this Durango Colorado Commercial Real Estate Property. Possible locations that we would be interested in are Colorado or Arizona. We would be interested in Homes, Condos, Apartments or Income Property.
  • We realize having a great Internet presence is a major asset to every business. We own which has been up and running for well over 15 years. This means it is grandfathered into the Internet, it will be very easy to integrate your business into it and you could also use this site for the income to pay for this property. The buyer of this property will have the oppertunity to own this very important website. Additional information on our oppertunities page.
  • We own the adjoining property to the east of this Durango Colorado Commercial Real Estate Property. This property has many assets that could be very valuable to the purchaser of this property. It adjacent to Durango City Limits! It has a great abundance of water that can be used as an addition to this property if owned in conjunction with this property. It has rentals that are very much in demand in Durango – one duplex and one single family home. More!
  • We are open to working with Realtors and will pay the commission deemed appropriate. A Realtor must contact us and provide us with information we need from them to recieve a legal approval document from our Attorney.

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