Suitable Businesses

Business types suitable for this property

As La Plata County has no zoning, just putting any business type anywhere is not an option. This is actually a good thing as planned growth is good growth. A portion of this property is grandfathered in for low impact commercial business use, this is the commercial building as well as the Gazebo and the fenced and gated yard in which it sits. The house could probably be switched over to business use fairly easy if this became a Bed and Breakfast situation.

Historically, this property has been a Retail Jewelry Store, an International Import/Export Store, a Jewelry Manufacturing Company, a Software Development Company, an Online Central Reservations Company, an Online Shopping Mall development company, the City Web Site for Durango Colorado (, Durango Silver Company Store and Durango Silver Company Online Store. 

In the past as well as the present CDOT recognized the allowable amount of vehicles turning into this property from the east is 25 per hour and 12 per hour making a left hand turn from the west. In talking with CDOT recently, I was informed that due to the wide width of the hwy east and west of this property, a center turn lane, most likely, could be put in. This would allow 25 vehicles to make left hand turns from the west into this property per hour. That is a lot of Traffic!  The re-stripping of the highway would be at the expense of the property owner.

In multiple conversations with La Plata Planning Dept, I have been repeatedly told verbally as well as in writing that this property can continue being used for commercial purposes as long as it has no greater impact than it has had in the past. Recently, I was told that a major factor as to what will determine a greater impact will be from CDOT. To accomplish this, an application for consideration of a particular business model at this property address will need to be submitted. It will take approximately 4-6 weeks to be completed, in most cases lessor of the two.

In speaking to La Plata Planning Dept personally, I have found them to be very hospitable regarding this property. I would highly recommend that I am involved in representing a new business model for this property! I have been told that outsiders have barged in on them in the past and have not had good results. Our city and county representatives deserve to be treated with respect, they are doing their best to make Durango a great place to live.

Below are two short lists of the business types that would work or not for this property;

Appropriate Business Types for this property

Professional Offices

Architects – Accountants – Insurance Agency – Business Advisors / Brokers – Marketing Agency – Internet Facility – Service Company – Company Head Quarters or Offices 

Online Businesses

Online Processing Center – Online Shopping Store – Any Online business with employees

Light Manufacturing (We had 25 employees manufacturing jewelry for export to Japan)

Elderly Facility – Rehab Facility – Day Care Center – Wellness Service – Health Center

All Tourism Businesses – Gift Shop – Jewelry Store – Retail Store like Honeyville

Any home based type business – Bed and Breakfast/VBRO – Artisans Co-op

Non-Appropriate Business Types for this property

High Volume and High Traffic Businesses

Restaurant – Bar – Liquor Store – Marijuana Dispensary – Gas Station