Property History

Property History

Property History – John and Estell Hartman purchased this property in 1976-77 and began developing it from a hillside. There was not much going on this side of town back then, however, there was good traffic on Hwy 160 west as it was the gateway hwy to
Mesa Verde National Park.

Property History – Commercial Business

The commercial building was originally opened for business in 1978 as Canyon Collectors. John and Estell Hartman were jewelers and John collected old Winchesters, old Indian and early cowboy items. The commercial building was open for retail store / Trading Post. We added the Deer Antler Arch shortly after we opened and cars were skidding to a stop to come in. The store did very well the first year and just got better as time went on. John and Estell kept the store open from May through Oct and hunted, snow skied, vacationed and traveled in search of new inventory for the following year. Business was Great!

Historic Durango Colorado Real Estate

In 1990, John and Estell closed Canyon Collectors Trading Company and went on a two year sabbatical. They traveled to Asia, imported arts and crafts and re-opened in 1992 as “Bizarre Del Mundo”, once again the business took off immediately! The gazebo and the yard area was built around 1992 for the import business. At that time we brought in outdoor items such as pottery, metal art, antique yard art and much more. The outdoor business went over so big we could not keep up with it, so we closed that part of our business and enclosed the Gazebo.

In 1997, John and his partner purchased, (our city site), and built an online central reservations business that did extremely well selling Train Tickets, Horseback Rides, River Trips and Hotel Stays.  On 9/11/2001, well, you know what happened and tourism took a big hit. John sold and took another extended sabbatical.

In 2003, John started a Jewelry Manufacturing business in the commercial building and landed a contract with a Japanese company to produce over 23,000 pieces of Jewelry a month. The company manufactured Silver Jewelry for 3 years and then John sold the business to a jewelry manufacturer in Albuquerque, N.M.

In 2007, Estell, John and Dillon (son) remodeled the commercial building and opened a new store called “Durango Silver Company”. Dillon and John mined Turquoise in Nevada and cut the Turquoise to produce high end jewelry for the store here in Durango. Durango Silver Company was very successful here in Durango. In October of 2014, Estell retired permanantly and the Durango Silver Company retail store was closed for good. Dillon, Nattarika and John Hartman now make and market their jewelry on the website they built,

Property History – Commercial Building

The location of this property for commercial business has been fantastic. As it is located between Durango and
Mesa Verde National Park, the traffic from both tourist destinations goes past this uniquely positioned property. With the exceptional landscape, it has been a major attraction to Durango.

There is no doubt in our minds, most any retail business would do very well at this location. It would also make a great Bed and Breakfast, Spa, Restaurant, a Brewery, Nursery, Professional Offices and so on. This has been a fantastic location for many businesses that the Hartman Family has owned.

Durango Colorado Real Estate History

Residence History

The home was originally built in 1978 by Larry Barns Home Builders Co. Larry was one of the most prestigious Log Home Builders

in the area, at that time. In 1980, the house was remodeled and more than doubled in size as the Hartman’s started their family.

Property History

Throughout the years multiple projects have taken place to make this property what it has become, it is multi-faceted.

It is a fairly large property of over 2.5+ acres and it is extensively landscaped.

In 2015, the home was extensively remodeled. Nearly the entire home has been updated to make it

very comfortable to the most discriminating family.

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