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Durango Colorado – Paradise in the Rockies

Durango Colorado – Paradise in the Rockies is located in Southwest Colorado about 60 miles, as the Crow flies, from the four corners where Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona meet. It sits at 6,800+ feet above sea level in the southern region of the Rocky Mountains, which, is one of the most beautiful areas of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Durango can be accessed from four directions – Hwy 550 runs north and south and Hwy 160 runs east and west. To the west is Mesa Verde National Park and to the east is Wolf Creek region. To the south is New Mexico and Albuquerque (190 mi) and to the north is one of the most spectacular drives you will ever go on in your life! We have a 1880’s Steam Train that can take you north through the Rocky Mountains to Silverton, Colorado for a fantastic day of fun.

Durango Colorado – Paradise in the Rockies – Our Community

Durango Colorado – Paradise in the Rockies is a mountain town with a population of 18,000+, however, there are many residences surrounding Durango that bring the area population up dramatically. Tourism has been the main economy of Durango for most of its life and our city government has been strict about over developing as well as letting polution creating factories into our community. We do have a Walmart, but very few other box stores in Durango. We have great food, wonderfull restaruants and a super night life scene! Today, we can look back and be glad our forefathers had the insight to limit big city sprawl as people now tend to shop on the Internet for many things that cannot be found here in Durango.

Durango has wonderful schools from pre-schools all the way through college, a great place to raise a family! Sports enthusiasts love Durango and the surrounding areas as there is endless activities within the immediate areas, in fact, Durango is a hub community to a massive amount of sports and outdoor activities, year round.

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Welcome to Durango Colorado – Paradise in the Rockies!

Durango is a very friendly community and I feel sincere to speak for the large majority of us, we welcome you to come visit our community and this fabulous area of the United States. We are certain you will be amazed and will want to come back again and again! For more information on Durango, go to Durango.org and www.Durango.gov.

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