Durango Jewelry Business

Durango Jewelry Business

Is a Durango Jewelry Business Venture for you?

John and Estell Hartman had been collecting, cutting and mining Turquoise in Nevada since the late 1960’s. They moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1973 to start their Jewelry manufacting business. The market was exceptional in New Mexico, which enabled John and Estell to move to Durango, buy two horse ranches and ultimately build a booming gallery at this location in Durango, Colorado.

In 1978, John took a subatical from the Jewelry business to build this Gallery just minutes west of Durango, Colorado.

A Durango Jewelry Business Oppertunity

Durango Silver Company – Established 1978 has been an icon in Durango Colorado since. Today Durango Silver Company is a leader in high quality Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry worldwide. See DurangoSilver.com

The Hartman’s began by manufacturing Turquoise Jewelry on location, buying from Native American’s and selling in the Gallery to tourists visiting Durango, Colorado. The advantage of this location was that it was the main route between Durango and Mesa Verde National Park. The location worked out exceptionally well for the Hartman’s.

The Gallery would be open for business to the public from May 15th to November 1st each year. In the winter, John and Estell enjoyed winter sports, pleasure travel and they would do a few trade shows for the business. Life was great, they had two children and enjoyed life in Southwest Colorado to the fullest!

There were many different facets to their Jewelry business throughout the years including global manufacturing contracts, online catalog sales, partnerships with museums, high class department stores and other. Business has been nothing but brisk for over past 40 years and is still bustling.

Durango Jewelry Business Today

The Durango Jewelry Business today has changed, it is better than ever! The new age of Online Marketing via the Internet has changed how we do business and enjoy life like never before. The Hartman’s began marketing online in 1997, when e-commerce was in its infancy. They have been leaders in online technology since, they started a new online programming company and developed Durango.com for the Durango  community, two online shopping malls, an online central reservation system and then went back to the Turquoise Jewelry business. They developed DurangoSilver.com in 2005 and what a great adventure that has become.

As time went on the Hartman’s got more and more involved in online sales. They decided they no longer needed to have employees or a brick and mortar storefront open to the public. The building would be much better used for manufacturing and as a warehouse for products sold online. They closed the store to the public in 2014 and Estell retired.

Turquoise Business Oppertunity

An opertunity to move to Durango and get into the Turquoise and Turquoise Jewelry Business.

The Durango Jewelry Business in the Turquoise industry could be a golden oppertunity for you.  The Hartman’s have become very successful at online marketing , they would entertain training and possibly developing an ongoing business relationship with the new owners of this property.

Quality American Turquoise has become a rarity and has also become highly collected worldwide. It is a unique cottage business that that allows individuals to work in a casual mannor to easily afford to live in Paradise, Durango, Colorado.

Turquoise Lore

Turquoise is the first gemstone known to man, founded in Egypt over 7,500 years ago. Ancient Gods, Godesses, Pharoh’s and Shamans all believed that Turquoise was put on earth by the great ones above. Turquoise has been an important gemstone throughout the ages since.

American Turquoise - A Durango Jewelry Business Oppertunity

A photo of rare Bisbee Turquoise. John Hartman owns one of the largest collections early American Turquoise rarities.

Tibetans have worshipped Turquoise for thousands of years and also have nearly the exact same beliefs,  Turquoise is a very important healer and brings health, happiness and fortune to the beholder. Almost every home in Tibet has a Turquoise alter and most every person in Tibet wears Turquoise on their person daily.

Early Persian royalty had the same beliefs as well as the Chinese! Turquoise was a very important trade item on the silk road of asia throughout history.

By approximately 1000 A.D. the Native Americans, Anasazi, discovered Turquoise in what is now known as the American Southwest. They too, believed this  gemstone was put on earth by the great ones above and it had healing powers. Turquoise became an important trade item between North America (Casa Bonito, Chaco Canyon) and the Aztecs of South America. It has had a brisk history in American culture since.

Durango Jewelry Business

Early Trading between the Native American Indians and the Aztecs, an ancient Turquoise Mask made from North American Turquoise in 1100 AD.

Turquoise is still a metaphysical healer globally and will remain into the future, forever!  Dealing in Turquoise will bring you health, happiness and good fortune as it has the Hartman family.

Durango Jewelry Business Oppertunity

John and Estell Hartman have lived a wonderful life in Durango Colorado and are now getting ready to retire. They have put their property, just west of Durango, up for sale. If you are interested in becoming part of the global Turquoise industry, give John a call to talk about the posibilities of purchasing this historic property and getting into one of the most exciting businesses in the world.

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